The Centre for Rural Development has been established to bridge the gap between policy and delivery in rural Scotland. Its purpose is to help translate policy that is made across all areas, including land use, rural communities and rural business. In doing so the Centre is determined to deliver tangible benefits to rural Scotland.

The Centre has been created as a result of an initiative by Scottish Land & Estates, and is committed to taking a collaborative and proactive approach to addressing the delivery of rural policy in Scotland.

At the core of the Centre for Rural Development sits a group of highly respected individuals who are committed to supporting this work and, individually and collectively, bring a wealth of invaluable cross-sector experience in rural issues.
What we do:

Scottish Land & Estates shares the Scottish Government vision of getting the best from Scotland’s land resources. It also supports the strategic aims of the Scottish Government’s Land Use Strategy.

"A Scotland where we fully recognise, understand and value the importance of our land resources, and where our plans and decisions about land use deliver improved and enduring benefits, enhancing the wellbeing of our nation." Scottish Government’s vision expressed in Land Use Strategy announcement March 2011.

There are now an increasing number of demands placed upon rural land. Too often, conflicting demands affect detrimentally the development of land policy.

The Centre for Rural Development aims to devise policy proposals that help Government implement policy that is supported by the land based industry. More information will be available shortly.
Contact us

Bruce Beveridge,
Chair of the Centre for Rural Development

Sarah-Jane Laing, Head of Policy
Telephone: 0131 653 5400